Mountain Bike Seat Position

Make sure that feet are placed correctly on the pedals explained at the end of the contact points chapter. Know that the angle and forward position of a bike seat will affect your riding comfort.

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Sit on the bike in your riding position and pedal backwards a few strokes and stop at 3 and 9 o clock again you ll need a spotter to help.

Mountain bike seat position. Let s start with your inseam length. A simple method is to place a straight edge on top of the saddle and record height from the bottom bracket center to the lower edge of straight edge. Improve your seat comfort by adjusting the angle of your saddle.

To find this stand up facing a wall and put a thick book between your legs. Hang a plumb line or weighted string from your tibial tuberosity bony protrusion just below your knee cap and have a look at where the string intersects your crank it should fall right in line with the pedal axle. Sit on your bike with your heel on the pedal and the pedal at the lowest point of the revolution.

Raise your saddle until your knee is almost locked out with your heel on the pedal when it is at the lowest point in the revolution. The nearly upright position. Unlike racing road bikes which require completely forward bending postures you sit nearly upright on mountain bikes with just a slight forward lean under most circumstances.

Set the fore aft position. It was concluded that the ideal seat position was a distance of 109 of the length of your inseam from the top of the seat to the lower paddle axle. Pretend it s a mountain bike seat.

Adjusting your bike seat comes down to angle height and for aft positioning. Support the posture with arms slightly bent and gripping the ends of a flat steering bar as opposed to the curved handlebars of road bikes. Of course this needs some further explanation.

Record saddle height and note method of measurement. How to adjust your mountain bike saddle angle. Here is a simple guide to making these adjustments.

To test for the perfect fore aft position of the seat. Seat horizontal position is tuned so that when cranks are parallel to the ground a pendant hanging from the bottom of the knee cap goes straight through the pedal axle. Measure along the seat tube.

The height of your seat isn t the only thing that matters. Seats can be slid forward and backward and angled up or down to get rid of sore spots and make a more comfortable ride. Since getting hooked on mountain bikes aged.

If your leg is bent as above raise the saddle until your leg is straight. It is also recommended that the traveling rider carry a recent photo of the bicycle.

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